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Intouch Accountants aims to provide an affordable, timely, clear and concise accounting service for small and medium businesses, owner operated businesses, rental property owners, societies and clubs, contractors and individuals.

We are dedicated to providing a professional yet affordable and efficient service to small and medium sized business. This include all aspects of accounting including company formations, company and personal income taxation, rental property accounting, GST, FBT, PAYE returns, business plans and all IRD related issues and problems.

At Intouch Accountants we do not charge for advice and consultation. And best of all we come to you – even outside business hours. We understand that sometimes meeting during business hours can prove to be inconvenient - therefore for your convenience we can arrange to come to you in the evenings and even on the weekends!

We take great pride in the work we perform and support our clients to help them grow and succeed.


9 am to 9 pm        7 days a week        0800 222 522

Timely & Affordable

Because we formed with small and medium business in mind our services are always affordable without compromising on professionalism and efficiency.

We also place great emphasis on being timely – this means that you can rest assured that your work will be done on time. No more penalties or late fees from the IRD to you.


Free Consultation

Consultation is Free. We always arrange a time which is convenient to yo. Yes this includes weekends and weeknights.

We understand that running a small business is time consuming and you would rather attend to your customers during your business hours.

Thus our consultation time extends to when you are free and available to talk about your business.


Stephanie Larkin Barrister
We started our own business a couple of months ago and knew exactly what we wanted to achieve but almost nothing about tax/PAYE etc. Deshneil has made...
New Market Auto Repairs
The service and advice Desh provides our company has been fantastic! Desh is approachable, friendly, and provides advice and assistance well beyond wh...
Rental Property Owner
We are very happy with the service given by Deshneil. He has been very proactive, fast and efficient. He is always easy to get hold of via cell, email...

Unlimited Free Advice

Talking with Intouch Accountants is always free. 

You are welcome to call, email if you have any questions or are unsure of anything.

It could be a question of can you claim this, how do you do that or what's the best way to structure this - we can help - you just need to ask, here at Intouch Accountants we're always happy to help!


NZ Wide Service

While we are based in Auckland, around 30% of clients are non-Auckland based. These clients are enjoying competitive & affordable prices whilst not compromising on a professional service.

We have set up systems & processes so that we can provide an efficient and affordable service, wherever in New Zealand you are. 


More Testimonials

Homewood Ltd
I highly recomend Intouch Accountants. We were behind with our business & personal tax returns and Deshneil was outstanding with the speed in which he...
These guys are awesome. They have looked after my accounting needs well.
BoyZen Enterprises Limited
It has been more than 1 year since I took up the services of in touch accountants. Desh turned up inperson was great service as I did not have to run ...

Registered Tax Agent

We are a Registered Tax Agent and have a close working relationship with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). 

Contacting IRD isn't exactly a favourite with most people - being put on hold and getting the right people on the line can be frustrating.  

As our client we talk to the IRD on your behalf.


Fixed Fees

We will always give you our fees and agree on payment terms upfront. We make sure that our clients have peace of mind knowing exactly how much our affordable service is going to cost.

We also various payment options so clients do not always have to pay in lump sum but can spread their payments out to ease the burden.

The choice is yours.


Even More Testimonials

BoyZen Enterprises Limited
It has been more than 1 year since I took up the services of in touch accountants. Desh turned up inperson was great service as I did not have to run ...
Sandra Tudman
Though I have not met this charming young man I have great admiration for his efficiency, honesty, professionalism and service that today is so refres...
Project Admin Limited
What a find. Deshneil has made our end of year tax so easy. He has sorted out the accounts promptly and offered the best advise, all at a reasonable c...

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