Company / Business Formation

Whatever the case maybe, the decision to go into business for yourself is a big step and you need the right advice and guidance when you take this step.  


Whether you are starting out in business or thinking about purchasing an existing business, we are here to help make this seemingly daunting process very easy and hassle free for you.


  •  We offer advice on best ownership structures based on your business type
  •  Provide guidance on the best way to handle your day to day cash and accounting
  •  Register your business for all the appropriate tax types as required by the IRD


  •  Take care of all your annual Income Tax Returns, GST returns  and PAYE for you
  •  Create a business plan including cash-flow forecast and budgets if required by the bank or other parties
  •  Answer any questions you may have in regards to your new business venture




A Guide to Starting Out in Business is a recommended article if you are thinking about or starting out in business.


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