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If you are a wage/salary earner, it is vital to get your Personal Income Tax checked annually as you could be due for a refund!


We have processed some massive refunds - some greater than $5,000!!!


Wage / Salary Earner


If you are normal wage / salary earner - you are probably due a tax refund.  

  •  Dependent on your tax bracket you could be eligible for several tax credits. Tax credits are government incentives for people in the lower tax brackets so that they pay less tax. Tax credits are normally not accounted for by your employer as most of the details required are only available at end of the financial year.
  •  Payroll Systems are "not accurate to the cent". If you are working shifts or overtime or are on wages - quite often the payroll system can not accurately deduce your tax bracket throughout the year. Most systems use an average over the last 12 months to work out what your tax bracket should be. As a general rule, the payroll systems charge too much tax as opposed to too little.  At the end of the year, dependent on how much wage you have received for the year plus other variables - an income tax return needs to be processed to work out what your actual tax was supposed to be.
  •  You have received other income during the year. A quick example will be received Interest from your bank on savings etc. All banks deduct Resident Withholding Tax (RWT) from your interest payments. Quite often this is higher than your actual tax bracket. Once your annual income is finalised - the interest received and resident withholding tax needs to be accounted and adjusted to your actual tax bracket - not the one the bank assumed you should be on.



So why us and not some main stream tax refund company?

We Review All Possibilities


While most “tax refund” companies will only look at the basics to get you a refund, we look at it more comprehensively to see whether there are more avenues for you to get a refund including: Resident Withholding Tax (RWT) deducted on interest earned, Redundancies, Working for Families Tax Credit Eligibility, Independent Earner Tax Credit, Student Loans etc...

Most of the above will reduce your income tax liability over the year. We find that most clients that get us to look at their personal income tax comprehensively are due for a refund or an increased refund than just a basic check.


Our Fee is Refund Dependent






That's right - we will do all the above and try to get you as much refund as possible ... but if for some reason we can not then there is simply NO Fee. 

REFUND of $50 or LESS ... NO FEE




No kidding ... if you get a refund of less than $50 - we will do all the paperwork and process the refund for absolutely Free

Refund Greater than $50 ... 10% of Refund Amount



If you get a refund of more than $50 - our fee will be only 10% of the Refund amount



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